5 Best Low-Cost SEO Strategies for Best ROI

The economic recession that is global in outlook has made it mandatory for people (business owners inclusive) to look inwards with a view to cutting down costs. Digital marketing is the language of the business today. Without utilising theĀ Best SEO Company in Brisbane; business survival will not be possible.

Business owners spend a huge amount on SEO; it will add on to the cost of production; with the purchasing power of customer taking a gradual decrease; there will be a problem if the price did not adjust to the market conditions. One way to do this is to beat down the price; low-cost SEO can be of help. Below are some of the strategies that you can adapt to achieve this.


You are talented in one way or the other. If you can blog, then this is one tool that you can effectively employ to convey a business message to your would be prospects. You will need the ability to create blogs that are credible and one that people will love to read. When you have set this in motion; you will definitely have a followership.

When you now need is to develop sales funnel through which you will effectively automate your sales and marketing efforts. The effort will yield the desired returns in the form of sales volumes.

The Power Of Video Tutorials

YouTube has a huge following among the people today. You can use it to reach your target which are in the millions by simply building video tutorials. You can get it free from the YouTube and give them away to your prospects. They will appreciate it and chances are that they will reciprocate by doing business with you.


This is another very easy means to connect with your prospects without spending a dime. Simply build a list by collecting the Emails of people as well as their phone numbers. When you have gotten a sizable number of people; you can then begin by sending those Emails with carefully worded content to their respective boxes. People like freebies; begin by offering free gifts. Then introduce your brand and wait for the reactions.

The Social Media

There are millions of prospects on the social media. Get on board any of them like Facebook and make your presence felt there. Join their discussion forum and give comments to the opinions of people in addition to your own vies that you are going to express.

Create a space for your brand there and before long the prospects will begin to pay you a visit and before long, you will get prospects that will commit to doing business with you.

Inclusion Of Video On Your Site

People love videos. Most of what they watch on YouTube are free downloads. You can get some of this and have them uploaded to your site. However, you must place the videos in such a way that they will not offend the sensibility of your visitors.


The above represents five of the low cost means to achieve credible SEO.

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